Publishing checklist Airtable base

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Why you even need a publishing checklist

Checklists are great because they help us hit every point, every time. It’s easy to overlook little things like properly naming your images or title casing your titles, but these little things have a huge impact on your website’s user credibility, SEO, and user experience. Below are a few reasons why you should use our free checklist.

Comes with a comprehensive list of items to complete

  • Title, slug, title tag, and meta description
  • Body content editing and formatting
  • Photo content naming, alt text, and more
  • Tables, videos, and other types of embeds

Minimizes the risk of errors in every content item

  • Develops a consistent workflow
  • Helps you remember the small details
  • Ensures that your content is perfect every time
  • Touches on many points critical to SEO

Helps improve the professionalism of your content and site

  • Consistent and high-quality content publishing
  • Attention to detail in every post without trying
  • Improve user experience and likelihood of receiving backlinks
  • Ensures that your content is on brand every time

This Airtable base comes with detailed documentation.

A view of the checklist table in the publishing checklist Airtable base. © Quirky Consultant.

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Use this preconfigured Airtable-based publishing checklist to ensure your digital content is perfect before it goes live.

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Publishing checklist Airtable base

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