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Why you even need a Shopify stack management solution

Shopify is amazing. It’s a quick, reliable, and secure way to sell your products. With high-quality developer-made themes and apps that serve as power-ups to achieve pretty much anything, it’s easy to fall into a feature-focused trap. Unless you hire a developer, you’ll need more apps to add new things to your Shopify e-commerce shop.

Every app adds code to your theme, which must then load on your browser when a user loads your page. You can modify this code, but it must be loaded one way or another. The result is incrementally slowing your site down. The tradeoff may be worth it if each app supports your customers’ purchasing experience in some meaningful way. Otherwise, it’s wasted speed.

There’s also the issue of Shopify’s per-app billing, which can get out of hand quickly. It’s easy to temporarily install apps and be surprised when your bill comes in way higher than expected. Unexpected charges are often tough to manage, which is why it’s important to have a complete picture of your Shopify stack expenses at all times.

Below are a few reasons why you should use this free solution:

Manages your apps and app expenses in one place

  • Provides an overview of all apps, their install statuses, and recurring costs
  • Enables you to store important information like the app’s website and support contact information
  • Organizes your stack budget by monthly and annual app and hosting expenses

Stores and manages all custom code snippets

  • Categorizes your code snippets by install status, file and file location, and more
  • Provides a single place to store and track snippet development over time
  • Allows you to log detailed notes for reference at a later date

This Notion template comes with detailed documentation.

A view of the apps database in the Shopify stack Notion template. © Quirky Consultant.

A view of the code snippets database in the Shopify stack Notion template. © Quirky Consultant.

A view of the liquid files database in the Shopify stack Notion template. © Quirky Consultant.

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Use this Shopify stack Notion template to track your app installs and uninstalls, app expenses, and custom snippets, the files they're in, their locations, and more.

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Shopify stack Notion template

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